Studio Legale Melica

Assistenza e consulenza legale

Assistenza e consulenza alle imprese nel settore del credito e dello sviluppo digitale

Founded in 1980, it offers assistance and judicial and non-judicial consultation granting the highest expertise for the best possible outcome of assigned matters. The firm is rooted in the Apulian legal environment with two main offices (in Bari and Lecce) and a secondary office (in Rome) for legal assistance in higher courts. It is referred to by a number of legal firms, also international ones and it conducts any kind of legal domicile service. The firm operates in civil law, labor law, administrative law, insolvency law, companies, and banking law areas. Melica Law Firm provides continuous judicial and non-judicial consultancy and assistance services for Public Companies and Entities. Case management and handling happen via electronic transmission on web-based/intranet platforms for real-time communication and update with the client. Professional fees are regulated according to existing legal rates or under agreement and they are guaranteed by adequate insurance policies according to law. For further information please visit

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