Wagon Builder / ICT / Consultancy

Building innovative wagons for the rail freight industry

Brückenweg 14


ASOLA will build innovative wagons with the following main Advantages: Light weight: A serious reduction of the overall weight of the wagon. The wagon will have, as first of his kind, a central beam. This was possible by using automatic couplers. The wagon is really feather light, and therefore ASOLA developed a system to allow the wagon to run empty. However this wagon is build to be used and therefore it will create great benefit for our customers. Smart: Sensors are used to get direct info regarding the running status of the wagon. The sensors will measure mileage, monitor shocks and brake conditions, make wheel set diagnosis and record position. These data will be sent to a central server and used by ASOLA to plan maintenance more accurate, to bill the customer using the exact yearly mileage and to make interventions if needed. Further this data will as well be used as management tool to monitor lifetime cycle of several parts and adjust maintenance models. Innovative components: Automatic couplers, axle dynamo, short couplers, central placed disc brake system, data link with all coupled wagons, central beam. Automatic coupling will be the future and will generate new logistic solutions.

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